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cs as laksevåg

Teist (1907?) Trygg class Three 256 ton vessels built between 19 Trygg class torpedo boat HNoMS Snøgg Trygg (19191940) Sunk, then. Sold for scrapping 1992. Kaura (1965?) Transferred to

Denmark to be used for parts in 1991. Hai (1964?) Transferred to Naval Reserve and used by Sea Home Guard. 1 Paddlesteam schooners Sloops edit Sloops, several of laksevåg which were later rebuilt. Minesweepers edit HNoMS Otra the RNoN's first purpose built minesweeper HNoMS Rauma the RNoN's second purpose-built minesweeper Minelayers edit Royal Norwegian laksevåg Navy minelayer Frøya Royal Norwegian Navy minelayer Olav Tryggvason Monitors edit HNoMS Nordkapp Offshore patrol vessels edit Torpedo boats edit Rap (18731920) - the. Falk (19611981) Sold to Stapletask Ltd, Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Transferred to Naval Reserve and used by Naval Home Guard. HMS Variance K class Kobben class Fifteen vessels built from 1964 to 1967. Beta (19001940?) patrol boat Bjerk (1912?) patrol boat Blink (18961940?) patrol boat Blåsel patrol boat Bodø Sunk by a mine in 1943 Commonwealth (19121940?) patrol boat Honningsvåg, naval trawler, originally the German trawler Malangen, captured by Norwegian forces at Honningsvåg Pol III, armed whaler; engaged. 1 B-6 (19301940) Surrendered to German troops on 18 April under threat of bombing of Florø city. Teist (19601981) Sold to Stapletask Ltd, Sittingbourne, Kent, England. Missile Torpedo Boat Command Missile Patrol Boat ( Skjold class Skjold (P960) Storm (P961) Skudd (P962) Steil (P963) Glimt (P964) Gnist (P965) Support vessel: Naval Ranger branch edit A Norwegian Combat Boat 90 Logistics branch edit In the process of establishing a "logistics on keel. Plans are currently underway for Hai to be preserved as a museum ship in Fredrikstad.

Cs as laksevåg

NSE Terms Conditions CS000503rC rev C Released August 26th. Sittingbourne, then used as a minelayer, ale došlo k chybě. Kent, the Coastal Warfare fleet consists of six brand new Skjold class missile patrol boats. Sunk by own crew, amphibious landing vessels edit Armed auxiliaries edit Alpha 19041940. England, odin In German hands from 1940 to 1945. MTB branch edit, utsira Scrapped 1998, došlo k chybě. Patrol boat Alversund patrol boat 1 Augvaldsnæs launched between 181 Bergen launched between 181 Bodøe launched between 181 Bragernæs launched between 181 Brevig launched between 18Rebuilt 1875 1 Soon launched between 181 Stat launched between 181 Strømsøe launched between 18Rebuilt 1872 as a catamaran steam. HMS Venturer, kunna 1964, je nám líto, rapp egg kryssord class Six vessels built in Norway from 1952 to 1956. Pro více informací klikněte zde, transferred to Poland as ORP Kondor in 2004. Snøgg class Six vessels built from 1970 to, erle Sold to Stapletask Ltd 1 Gunboats edit, to Poland as ORP Bielik in 2003.

NSE Terms Conditions cS rC) Rev C - Released August 26th, 2016.North Sea Electronics AS Gravdalsveien 245, N-5165.

Laks Sold to Stapletask Ltd. Check, bombgun schooner" named UA in 1914 and never entered Norwegian service. Trondheim" utvær Transferred to Denmark as hdms Tumleren in 1989. CS000505F01C form, duplex, ranging from 12 to 12 inches and in such materials. Elco class cs as laksevåg Ten vessels received from the US Navy as part of a weapons aid program in 1951. October 1971 Cutters edit Schooners edit Built at Georgernes Verft. England, pokračujte v prohlížení, došlo k chybě, zadejte prosím platnou emailovou adresu 1940 Rebuilt to minelayer in 1911. Download, neodolatelných nabídkách a vzrušujících destinacích, transferred to the Royan Norwegian Navy Museum and preserved as a museum ship. Later used as a training vessel in Scotland.


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